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What I need from you Export out all channel. You can keep some groups together as needed. Print all parts from 0.00 - finish. 24-bit or higher Keep the sample rate of your session. Send me references and have a chat with me about what you want. I'm hear to help.



Let's dive into the deep end! You will send me all of your individual tracks, or your full Ableton Project. This lets me have control over everything, and in some cases even your synths. For this we form a special musical connection as I become a small part of the track. This is best for very complicated songs, songs that need to be held up to the highest quality or tracks that might need some additional work.

What I deliver back to you Final mastered song ready for professional release. 16 &/or 24-bit master. I can print a variety of deliverables as needed.

Mixed and Mastered by SUB-human Engineering

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