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What I need from you Stems, otherwise known as groups. If you don't produce with groups, imagine what elements of your track would sit in a similar space either sonically, or for similar processing. Common stems would be: KICK (I like this seperate) SNARE/CLAP (also seperate) DRUMS SUB DROP SYNTHS INSTRUMENTS/SYNTHS (leads) INSTRUM/SYNTHS (pads) FX VOX VOX FX Every track is unique, you may have different splits. Please do not hesitate to get in contact and I can assits on delivery to me. Ensure all stems are printed from 0.00 - finish 24-bit or higher. Keep the sample rate of your session. Please feel free to send references.

Stem mastering is a modern hybrid of mixing and mastering. I essentially perform a mixdown of your stems (groups) then master from there. The reason I love stem mastering as a technique is I don't like the old fashioned approach of mixing and mastering being seperated. They are two pieces of the same puzzle. This way I am able to ensure all parts of the track are working at optimal performance to achieve the desired final master.

What I deliver back to you You will receive a final master file ready for professional release. Either 16 &/or 24-bit. With stems I can also deliver a variety of deliverables as needed. Common deliverables: Instrumental Acappela Live (lead vox muted or down, with vox FX present Mixed stems (for remixing or Ableton Live performance) Radio / Extended 16 / 24 bit master mp3

Stem Mixed and Mastered by SUB-human Engineering

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