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What I need from you A single pre-master file. This can also be known as the mixdown. Generally you'll want to remove any destructive limiting on the mix. If you are working on a loud electronic track and you've mixed heavily into a limiter and the balance falls apart when you remove limiting, send me a message and we can have a chat. Send your pre-master is 24-bit or higher. Keep the sample rate of your session.

In its simplest form: Mastering is presenting a song in it's best possible light.  What that is will depend on the song, and it's expected platform. It may be for clubs/festivals, radio, streaming or in the context of an album, or all of the above! Every song and artist is unique. That's why I encourage you to share with me your vision for the release and I will be there to assist.

What I deliver back to you You will receive a mastered track ready for profesional release. Masters can be delivered in 16 &/or 24-bit

Single File Mastered by SUB-human Engineering

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